Learn the choruses of  Handel's Messiah!

This site has been set up to help amateur singers and choirs learn the chorus parts of Handel's Messiah -- an ever popular pick-up choir selection every christmas. This site contains both the entered-in scores and synthesized music with voices singing the lyrics.

If you have Harmony Assistant (or Melody Assistant by Myriad) the complete set of .myr files can be found here. You can also view these files with Myriad's freeware Music plug-in. (To learn more about this feature-rich music notation software, check out Myriad.) You can select the bars you want and the parts you want, or pan your part etc. Myriad's virtual singers sing the words. (This site is not sponsored or connected with Myriad, other than being a user of their software.)

If you just want an mp3 of your part, look here

Warning: all the files on this site are about 2M each. If you have a slow link, downloading will take too long.

Constructive commentary can be e-mailed to messiah_project at this site, savedsounds dot com, but e-mails will not be replied to.

It costs a surprising amount to host a website with enough storage and bandwidth to support these files. If you'd like to help out, and keep this resource available, please consider donating. Sponsorship defrays some of the costs of internet access, web hosting, computers, software costs, and caffiene used to make these MP3s.

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