Legal stuff:

Everything on this site is copyrighted -- including the html and the filenames and paths -- by I.G. de Buda, 2007-2017.

Non-commercial personal use purely for the purpose of learning the parts, is permitted, and copies may be made for that purpose. Distribution to other members of a choir -- that you belong to -- for the purpose of learning the parts, is also permitted, provided there is no commercial gain, credit is given, and all recipients agree to abide by the same terms. Licence to use under these terms, is granted for free. Links to .html files are also permitted for free, as are any links by google, and yahoo. (ie. free licence of copies of the names of the files in these cases.)

Direct links to directories, to my .mp3 or .myr files (or any non-html file) -- unless licenced otherwise, in writing and in advance -- are considered to be renting my disk-space and bandwidth as well as just licencing the copyrighted material (including the filenames). The cost of this is $1US per instance the link is followed, as reported by my ISP. Making a copy of the filename/link -- dynamically or otherwise -- is considered to be agreement to this fee. Since you are more than welcome to link my html pages -- with my credits -- the average personal user should not have any need to link the .mp3 files directly.

The specification of this fee has been introduced directly because of (but not limitted to) the abuse of this site by commercial interests, which have ignored the non-commercial requirement and have linked the .mp3 files directly (incurring bandwidth charges to me), without contacting me first to settle on terms as required. It isn't kewl that other people are making $$ off this without any compensation to me for my costs.

If you wish to negotiate more favourable terms, or have a questions as to whether your intended use is covered, or wish to negotiate any other use, please send an e-mail to messiah_project at this site, savedsounds dot com. Or send snail mail with all the details including a self-addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient Canadian or international postage for a reply, to:

c/o 31-B Arnold Drive,
Nepean, Ontario
K2H 6V7

Snail mail with return postage, will be replied to. Other mail will not.

Does this sound draconian? The intent of the website, was to help people learn their parts for the Messiah. I was surprised at how much high-bandwidth hosting cost, but I thought it would be worth it. Then I discovered that certain commercial entities were ripping off my bandwidth, by constructing pages with their advertising content, but linking my MP3s directly, without credit or recompense, leaving me to foot the bandwidth bill for their gain. The final straw came, when one of them contacted me, and suggested that I pay to advertise on their site (on the page they had constructed around my MP3s), so that people would know to come to my site, after visiting theirs.


There are a lot of nasty people out there, taking advantage of struggling new artists who put their MP3s out there, hoping to be discovered.

Bottom line: if you aren't trying to rip me (and others) off, please enjoy the MP3s, and have fun learning the Messiah.
Otherwise, pay up!